Marivic Vilarejo, who was a domestic worker in Saudi Arabia, died four days after returning to the Philippines. Photos: Facebook, Wikimedia Commons

A Filipino domestic worker who died days after returning home from Saudi Arabia was not paid her salary for three months’ work – 60,000 Philippine pesos.

Marivic Villarejo was a domestic worker in Saudi Arabia who returned to the Philippines on February 16. Pictures of Villarejo circulated online, showing the maid badly malnourished.

Four days after returning to her home – reportedly in Zamboanga Del Norte – Villarejo died.

A Facebook post alleged that she was abused and not given sufficient food by her employer prior to her return to the Philippines.

But on Tuesday, a relative of Villarejo named Mariz Doria said Marivic was not physically abused by her employers. She said Villarejo died of septic shock, community-acquired pneumonia and pulmonary tuberculosis.

However, Doria said Marivic Villarejo was not paid her salary for three months’ work, which amounted to 60,000 pesos (US$1,154), Cebu Daily News reported.

It was unclear if Villarejo’s employer had not given her food, as alleged on social media, or if she was unable to eat much because of illnesses.

The Overseas Workers Welfare Administration gave Villarejo’s family 20,000 pesos as financial aid and a scholarship for her child, who is a student in Grade 6.

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