Taipei Main Station where the domestic workers staged their dance. Photo: Google Maps

Several hundred migrant workers staged flash mob dances in Taipei Main Station on Sunday to raise awareness about the injustices encountered by female migrant workers.

It was the fifth year that migrant worker rights groups organized the event, hoping the island government would step up efforts by providing better legal protection for female migrant workers, the Focus Taiwan News Channel reported.

At present, foreign caregivers or domestic helpers are not entitled to the same rights as citizens under the Labor Standards Act.

Flash mob dancer Annie, a caregiver from Indonesia who represents Asosiasi Tenaga Kerja Indonesia (ATKI-Taiwan), said the event was intended to showcase their plight through speeches and dance and highlight the difficulties faced by female migrant workers in Taiwan.

Gilda Banugan, the chairperson of Migrante International’s Taiwan Chapter, an organizer of the event, said they held the dance protest because dancing was difficult and similar to their struggle.

By dancing together in a group, they hope to have their appeals heard, she added.

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