Kuwait, where a maid has pleaded to be repatriated from. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

A Filipino maid in Kuwait has pleaded for help from the Philippine government and asked to be repatriated, claiming she is being abused by her employer’s son, a police officer.

Emebel Lozada, who went to Kuwait two years ago, posted a video on Facebook saying she had been beaten many times by her employer’s son and could not escape as she feared she would be arrested, GMA News reported.

Lozada provided her employer’s address, hoping she would be located and rescued by the Philippine Embassy in Kuwait.

Bonifacia Mundo, Lozada’s cousin, told GMA News that when Lozada started working in Kuwait, she was not given enough food and was beaten by her employers.

Mundo is urging the Philippine government to rescue her cousin and have her repatriated immediately.

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