Residential buildings in Hong Kong. Photo: iStock
Residential buildings in Hong Kong. Photo: iStock

A Filipino domestic worker says that after working for the same employer in Hong Kong for 15 years, she is becoming fed up with the woman’s weird habits and the mess other family members make in their apartment.

Becca, 49, said she could not understand why her employer takes her meals at the coffee table instead of the dining table, and why she sleeps in the living room instead of her bedroom, reports, a news portal for Filipinos in Hong Kong.

The woman would take a nap in the afternoon, and then in the evening, she would suddenly bake cookies, so Becca has to stay up late to clean the kitchen.

Becca is also responsible for caring for her boss’s two children, now in their early 20s, who bring their boyfriends to the apartment, where they have meals together. Becca said that because of this, her workload had increased the point that she has thought about quitting.

Becca’s employer said her two children would soon leave and have their own places, which will lighten the maid’s workload, as she will only need to serve her employer and her husband.

Becca has decided to stay with her current employer and endure the workload as she is the breadwinner for her family in the Philippines. She said that because her husband has no permanent job, she is the one funding her children’s college education.

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