There are thousands of maids and drivers in Hong Kong and not all of them get on. Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Jakub Hałun

A Filipino domestic worker and her employer’s driver, who have worked together and quarreled for 17 years, have finally put their differences aside and promised to be better colleagues.

The maid, 44, and the driver, 56, have had arguments over many issues during most of the 17 years they have worked for the same employer.

The maid had complained that the driver never asked for permission before helping himself to the food she prepared for the employer, reported.

She had also complained that the driver never cleaned up after he ate, making additional work for her, while the driver said he would never have eaten the food if he’d known it had been prepared for the employer.

One of their big bones of contention came when the employer called the maid and asked her to tell the driver to pick him up. However, when she tried to pass the message on to the driver, he was too absorbed in Facebook and took no notice of her.

The employer was forced to take a taxi home and the pair were scolded. The two have now put their differences aside and promised to be better colleagues.

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