Macau. Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Old Portuguese ruins in Macau. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

A lawmaker in Macau has proposed that the government establish a blacklist for domestic workers who misbehave or commit crimes so as to restrain their employment in the city.

Lei Chan U, the lawmaker representing the labor sector in the Legislative Assembly of Macau, said more cases of child abuse by domestic workers had been discovered in recent years, Macau Daily News reported.

However, he did not provide figures to support his claim.

According to government statistics, there were 16,256 domestic workers in Macau in 2011, and that number increased by 66% to 26,974 in 2016.

More families with children need to hire domestic workers as both parents have to work, but Lei said the quality of such workers available in the market varied.

He said some employers had complained to him that their maids intentionally performed badly so they could get compensation if they were fired.

Lei proposed that the government set up a file and record each domestic worker’s misbehavior and criminal offenses. These people should be banned from working  in the city.

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