A fetus was found inside a public toilet in the Java Road market in North Point last November. Photo: Google Maps

An Indonesian domestic worker admitted to a court in Hong Kong on Wednesday that she had concealed the birth of a child late last year.

The judge presiding at the Eastern Magistrates’ Court ordered the maid to remain in custody pending background and psychological reports before she is sentenced in mid-April.

The 34-year-old domestic worker, known only as Suwasti, was arrested after the body of a newborn baby girl was found in November.

The fetus, just 24 weeks in gestational age, was found clogging a sewer pipe beneath a bloodstained female cubicle in a public toilet in the Java Road market in North Point.

A police autopsy suggested the pre-term infant could have survived if delivered in a hospital as no congenital defect was found. Yet the reason why the baby was born so prematurely remains unknown.

Police tracked the maid down after reviewing CCTV footage and the transaction history on her Octopus card for buses and other public transport.

The defendant insisted while in police custody that she dumped the baby for a friend, yet a subsequent DNA test revealed that she was the mother.

The prosecution withdrew another charge of administering a drug or using an instrument to perform an abortion, previously laid against the maid.

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