Zhongbin police station of the Second Precinct of Keelung City Police Bureau. Photo: Google Maps

A 29-year-old Indonesian fisherman from Keelung City in northern Taiwan was arrested for allegedly stealing a mobile phone from a member of staff at a machine shop.

A Taiwanese woman filed a report at Zhongbin police station in the Second Precinct of the Keelung City Police Bureau after her mobile phone went missing from the machine shop outlet on Zhongzheng Road, the China Daily News reported.

Officers learned she had put her phone on one of the machines while talking to her husband. According to closed-circuit television camera footage, a male customer wearing a black cap and carrying a khaki messenger bag was acting suspicious around the time of the alleged theft.

The Indonesian man was seen approaching the machine where the woman had left her phone. To track the phone, officers enabled the GPS location service remotely and found it was in the Zhongbin area where the male suspect was visiting a convenience shop.

Officers recovered the phone from the man’s bag, but he initially denied taking it before police arrested him. He told police it could not be considered to be theft as he picked it up in what he claimed was a public area.