Anthony Wong (center), David Perry (second from right) and John Perry (second from left) Photo: Anthony Wong
Anthony Wong (center), David Perry (second from right) and John Perry (second from left) Photo: Anthony Wong

Hong Kong actor Anthony Wong Chau-sang was able to locate his British father’s family with the help of the Internet. Wong, 56, whose father left him and his mother when he was four years old, said he spent decades looking for his father, Frederick William Perry, the British Broadcasting Corporation reported.

The BBC reported Wong’s story on February 28. Wong said he struggled during his childhood because he did not know who his father was, only knowing his name and what he looked like through old photographs provided by his mother.

Frederick William Perry and Wong Juen-yee took a picture with Anthony Wong in 1961. Photo: Anthony Wong

A day after the BBC reported his story, netizens on Facebook set up a thread to help Wong look for members of his father’s family. On March 2, Wong received information that someone might have found them.

On March 20, Wong met with his twin half-brothers John and David Perry, 74, in Hong Kong. The two men said they never knew they had another sibling in Hong Kong as their father never mentioned it.

“It was just incredible. After all these years of looking for them, it all happened in two weeks,” Wong said.

Wong said he had been confused about his identity for half a century and now he is happy that he can use Perry as his surname.

Wong recently starred in a movie titled Still Human as a paralyzed middle-aged man who is being taken care of by a Filipino domestic worker.

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