Domestic workers from the Philippines in Victoria Park on Hong Kong Island. Photo: HK Government

Few domestic workers in Hong Kong are able to enjoy training or attend classes as they are either too expensive or difficult to fit into a tight schedule.

A survey by HelperChoice has found that only one in 10 domestic helpers said they received training offered by their employers.

The online employment platform says it interviewed about 250 domestic helpers from October 9 to 15 last year.

“We think that all employees should be able to grow by learning new skills throughout their lives, and domestic workers should not be overlooked,” said Julie Delignon, HelperChoice’s country manager. She noted that it was the responsibility of employers to upgrade their workers’ skills.

To echo the needs, HelperChoice announced that it will launch an academy offering various training courses for local domestic workers.

Classes including cooking, baking, sewing, financial management, plus language courses such as English and Cantonese will be provided to develop workers who can use these skills in their day-to-day jobs.

Delignon said more courses, like elderly care, first-aid, and conflict management would be developed throughout the year if the concept has proved successful.

Employers can support their domestic workers for a monthly fee of HK$190 (US$25 a month), which gives unlimited access to courses.

HelperChoice is an online platform that seeks to match employers and domestic workers at no cost to the helpers.