The 14-year-old Maya in the film 'Birdshot.' Photo: YouTube
The 14-year-old Maya in the film 'Birdshot.' Photo: YouTube

A Filipino film and mini-series will be streaming on American entertainment company Netflix at the end of this month and in early April.

The independent film titled ‘Birdshot,’ the first Filipino to be nominated for an Academy Award, will be available on Netflix on March 26, the Philippine Star reported.

A 13-episode mini-series titled ‘Amo,’ which was one of the few television series screened at the Cannes International Film Festival last year, will also be on Netflix on April 9, TV5 reported.

‘Birdshot’ is the story of a 14-year-old girl named Maya, who learns how to fire a gun from her father. Maya goes into a Philippine forest reserve and mistakenly shoots and kills an endangered and protected Philippine eagle. Authorities then go on a manhunt for whoever shot the national bird.

‘Amo’ tells the story of a high school student named Joseph who is also a drug peddler. Joseph’s involvement in the drug trade gets him into trouble with drug lords, police and corrupt government officials.