A Filipino working in Taiwan cheers for the Philippines. Photo: YouTube / Taiwan News

Twenty-one Filipinos who work for a Taiwanese food giant have shared on video their experiences as migrant laborers and how they beat homesickness.

In a YouTube video shot by I-Mei Foods, the workers, who had been  hired directly from Davao, Philippines, said hello to friends and family, and energetically shared stories about their everyday lives at work and in their new environment, Taiwan News reported.

Among the most experienced of the workers is John Paul Morgado, who has been living in Taiwan and working for I-Mei for almost a decade. He recalled how he overcame homesickness by going to church after work, trying out different things and exploring the island by visiting different towns.

Also at I-Mei, Morgado was able to find his true love, a Taiwanese colleague, and they got married after dating for three years.

The migrant workers also expressed their gratitude for benefiting from the direct-hiring project, which was a collaborative effort of the Manila Economic and Cultural Office in Taiwan, the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration, the City of Davao, and I-Mei Foods, which had spared them the high brokerage fees that overseas Filipino workers are normally burdened with.

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