Jessica Baladjay and her boyfriend in Dubai. Photo: Instagram (Jessica Baladjay @sealedsuitcase)
Jessica Baladjay and her boyfriend in Dubai. Photo: Instagram (Jessica Baladjay @sealedsuitcase)

A Filipino woman has shared her experience of looking for a job in Dubai, urging her compatriots not to be discouraged when striving for a good salary.

Jessica Baladjay, 28, who has lived in Dubai for eight years, said she went to work there to try to get a good income, as workers in the Philippines are paid poorly, reported.

She said that despite having a university degree in computer science, her first job in the emirate – as a receptionist in a trading company – did not match her qualifications. She stayed in that job for two years before she resigned.

She started applying for jobs through online portals, which is how most people in Dubai look for jobs. She said that even though there were many job openings, it was especially difficult to get hired  if aiming for a high salary.

Baladjay eventually landed a job as an executive administration officer and is proud to be a part of the company she works for. She advised her fellow Filipinos that there would be a job for them abroad as opportunities never run out.

“Remember that it is not always about work and sending money back home – do reward yourself with something that you deserve,” she said.

She said she planned to return to the Philippines after the construction of her house there is complete, probably in three years. She also plans on marrying her boyfriend and possibly moving to a different country eventually.

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