Palawan, Philippines. Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Palawan, Philippines. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

A Filipino fisherman was rescued on Friday after being stranded in the West Philippine Sea for three days without food or water.

On March 20, Albert Carcuevas, 33, was fishing when his boat’s engine had problems, Arab News reports.

His boat drifted further and further off course before being spotted by a Philippines Navy ship near the Dalagang Bukid Shoal, near Ayungin, on March 23.

Cherryl Tindog, a spokesperson for the armed forces, said Carcuevas spent three days alone without food and water at sea before being rescued by the Navy ship.

“It was a good thing he was spotted because he was already out of supplies,” Tindog said, adding that Carcuevas was in stable condition and would be returned safely to his family in Palawan.