Changi Airport in Singapore. Photo: Google Maps
Changi Airport in Singapore. Photo: Google Maps

A 40-year-old Filipina domestic worker who allegedly opened a locked bag by trial-and-error and stole S$3,000 (US$2,279) in cash was dismissed by her 38-year-old employer and sent home in February.

The employer hired the Filipina maid while her elderly father was very sick in July last year, the Shin Min Daily News reported.

For the first three months, the maid was very helpful and worked hard, so when she asked for her wages in advance due to an emergency in her family in the Philippines, the employer agreed and let her repay the money in installments.

The employer often stored S$25,000 in a bag that had a three-digit lock. After the death of her father, the employer also put the condolence money in it.

While the maid was on holiday during Christmas last year, her employer was shocked to find S$3,000 missing from her locked bag and she suspected the bag had been unlocked by trial-and-error and the maid fled with the money.

After threatening to report the maid to police, the maid resigned, saying her employer had disrespected her and she denied taking the money.

Because no closed-circuit television camera in the home captured any signs of theft, there was no evidence pointing to the Filipina, who was not charged by police.

The employer said she also had to spend S$100 for the ticket to send the maid home last month and lost the S$500 in salary which the Filipina failed to repay.

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