Dasmariñas City, Philippines. Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Ramon FVelasquez
Dasmariñas City, Philippines. Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Ramon FVelasquez

A woman killed her five-month-old baby, stabbed another child and then turned the knife on herself at their home in Dasmariñas City on Wednesday. Police said the woman may have suffered from depression after ending a relationship with a man she knew abroad.

Celeflor Palao Luib, 32, killed her baby daughter, Christina, by smothering the child with her body, the Manila Bulletin reported. Next she used a knife to slash the hands of her 11-year-old daughter Jheicelle, who had slept through the first attack.

Jheicelle screamed, waking up Luib’s mother Floreta Palao Galang, 63, who came to her aid and cried for help from neighbors. Luib then slashed her own neck, arms and legs with the knife. She survived the injuries and is recuperating at De La Salle University Medical Center. Jheicelle was also taken to hospital by Galang and neighbors.

Luib had previously worked in Iraq and police investigators believe she may have been depressed after her relationship ended with a Filipino-American stationed there with the US Navy. They have not said what charges the woman will face.

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