The PlayTable game hopes to be a “seamless bridge between the digital and physical worlds.” Image: Katerina Hung / Blok.Party

A new board game that merges elements of tabletop and console gaming will also utlise the Ethereum blockchain.

San Francisco-based Blok.Party says PlayTable is a “seamless bridge between the digital and physical worlds” that uses RFID tags that can be attached to any everyday object to allow players to bring their own toys or cards into games.

While it is not the first game to link physical pieces to a digital game environment, Blok.Party claims its use of in-game data storage makes Playtable unique. The tags can be created using a home 3D printer and as their data is stored in a blockchain database, it means the game can be stopped and re-started anytime or played anywhere and can also linked to smartphones or tablets.

PlayTable will launch with digital versions of popular board games such as Catan and Texas Hold ’Em, as well as a new blockchain-based game called Battlegrids. Blok.Party hope to roll out another 25 more titles for PlayTable, with some of them based on traditional classics like poker or mah jong.

PlayTable will retail for $599 and is currently available on pre-launch waiting-list discount of $349. Blok.Party say the game will launch towards the end of 2018.

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