Huawei's flagship Mate handsets: not coming to a store near Americans soon. Photo: NurPhoto via Reuters/Joan Cros

America’s favorite corporate punching bag, Huawei, has just been given another black eye in a market it recently had high hopes of finally tapping.

The largest US electronics retailer, Best Buy, has stopped all orders of the Chinese tech giant’s smartphones and will cease sales of Huawei products over the next several weeks, CNet reports.

“We don’t comment on specific contracts with vendors, and we make decisions to change what we sell for a variety of reasons,” a Best Buy spokeswoman said without elaborating.

As recently as January, Huawei was poised to make a breakthrough in its efforts to make inroads into the US smartphone market. A deal to sell its handsets through AT&T fell through at the last minute under pressure from the US government, amid cyber-espionage concerns.

The failure to strike the deal meant the company was in effect already shut out of the US market, as most phone sales are made through service plans with carriers. Best Buy’s decision amounts to kicking the dead horse that is Huawei’s smartphone prospects in the US market.

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