Electric cars. Photo: iStock
Electric cars. Photo: iStock

The Beijing municipal government has decided to scrub the filing system for selling new energy cars and open up pricing on service fees for electric car charging to market players, Securities Daily reported.

Previously, only registered models of new energy cars could be sold on the market.

Zhao Jingguang, deputy director of the Association of Beijing New Energy Automotive Co. Ltd., said in the early days of the industry, the filing system played an important role in keeping market order and controlling product quality. However, the filing system is bound to see changes amid the rapid enhancement of new energy cars.

Though the cancellation of the filling system likely won’t stimulate overall sales of new energy vehicles, Zhao thinks it will trigger a battle for market share among competitive players.

Also, the opening up of pricing for charging services is expected to further encourage more companies to take part in the construction of charging infrastructure.

Currently, the service fee charged by public charging operators is about 0.5 yuan per kWh, with a cap of 1 yuan per kWh set by the government.