State Courts, Singapore. Photo: Google Maps
State Courts, Singapore. Photo: Google Maps

A Singaporean woman who had dismissed five foreign domestic workers within 14 months was found not guilty of physically abusing a Filipino woman during her employment as the sixth maid in the family.

The defendant, a self-employed beauty specialist, provided such services at her apartment in Clementi, Singapore. In court, she denied hurting her maid by kicking her on two occasions in 2015, on August 19 and September 4, Lianhe Wanbao (Singapore) reported.

The Filipino domestic helper, who was hired in July 2015, was the family’s sixth maid since May 2014, and she was sent back to the employment agency around six weeks after her hiring, on September 5, 2015.

The Filipino woman told the court that she had been beaten nearly every day during her stay at the defendant’s home. Whenever she made a minor mistake, the woman would punish physically such as by slapping her face, pulling her hair or even caning her, she claimed.

On one occasion, the maid was allegedly forced by the defendant to drink dirty water while she was cleaning the toilet.

On September 4, 2015, the Singaporean woman became angry and allegedly threatened to kill the maid if she failed to pack and go within five minutes. The Filipino spent the night with her belongings in the staircase of the apartment building. In the morning, the Singaporean woman’s  husband took the maid back to the employment agency.

However, the court found that the maid’s statement contained inconsistencies, particularly related to the allegations of being kicked by the defendant. In addition, a bruise on the maid’s left leg failed to match her statement. Doctors could not find slap or cane marks during a medical examination.

Hence, the court found the defendant not guilty of two charges of physical abuse against the Filipino.

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