An X-ray image of a woman going into an x-ray scanner to safeguard her handbag. Photo: YouTube

A woman in China was so reluctant to part with her handbag that she climbed into an x-ray scanner at a railway station, exposing herself to possible injury, so she could make sure her money was safe.

The woman was told to put her luggage on the scanner at Dongguan Railway Station in Guangdong province on Sunday, reported, citing a video from digital news platform Pear Video.

As she was walking through the security scanner, she was told by guards that her handbag also needed to be x-rayed. But instead of putting the bag in the scanner, she climbed into the machine with it. Guards said the woman told them she wanted to protect her money.

X-ray images show the woman kneeling in the scanner. Photo:

Radiation from x-rays is only dangerous in high dosages, but health authorities caution that any exposure could cause medical issues.

“Passengers are warned that not only is this kind of behaviour forbidden, but also that the radiation from the machine is incredibly harmful to human health,” the People’s Daily cemented.