Dubai, UAE. Photo: iStock
Dubai, UAE. Photo: iStock

Three Filipino writers will be speakers during the Emirates Airlines Festival of Literature to be held from March 1 to 10 in Dubai.

Karen Henson Jones, Francis Kong and Melissa Hemsley will have workshops and sessions during the 10-day literature festival, The Gulf Today reported.

Filipino-American Karen Henson Jones, author of Heart of Miracles, said her book was the result of an accident that led her in a coma. “I woke up from a coma knowing that I was really going to go for my dream and write a book,” she said.

Jones will have a session on spiritual journeys during the festival on March 3, along with Elman Al Zambia, who is the author of The Art of Surrender.

Francis Kong, who is an inspirational speaker and writer in the Philippines, said he started writing as a hobby, but soon realized its power to convey thoughts into words. “The hobby is actually an initial sharpening of the skills as hobby translates into calling,” he said.

Kong will talk about leadership and the power of speech and writing on March 9 and 10 at the festival.

Melissa Hemsley, a British food writer whose mother is Filipino, said her books were inspired by her mother’s cooking, particularly Philippine cuisine. “I would call my mother and ask her to tell me how to make all my favorite childhood dishes,” she said.

Hemsley will talk about her book Eat Happy on March 2 and will have a session with author Mira Manek on March 3.