Yilan County government hall. Photo: Google Maps
Yilan County government hall. Photo: Google Maps

Taiwan was rocked by another earthquake on Monday night, with a 5.3 magnitude temblor hitting Yilan County in the northeast of the island. Fortunately, no injuries or deaths had been reported by lunchtime Tuesday.

According to Taiwan’s Central Weather Bureau (CWB), the earthquake was centered 19 kilometers southwest of Yilan County government hall at a depth of 46.5 kilometers at 10:47pm, The Liberty Times reported.

Director of the CWB Seismological Center Chen Kuo-chang told Taiwan Apple Daily that the latest quake was unrelated to the shallow 6.4-magnitude earthquake that shook the eastern city of Hualien on February 6, as the latest quake was caused by the Philippine Sea plate subducting beneath the continental Eurasian plate.

It came with a deeper epicenter and was considered as a normal release of seismic energy.

Earlier on the same day – at 3:21am – a 4.4 magnitude quake struck central Taiwan with its epicenter about 43km east of the Nantou County government complex at a depth of 22km.

No injuries or deaths were reported as of the time of reporting.

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