Hopewell Centre in Wan Chai, Hong Kong Island. Photo: Google Maps
Hopewell Centre in Wan Chai, Hong Kong Island. Photo: Google Maps

A 57-year-old man threatened suicide on Monday by preparing to jump off the canopy of the main entrance of Hopewell Centre in Wan Chai on Hong Kong Island.

His distress, he claimed, was caused by receiving too few red envelopes for the Lunar New Year.

At 1pm, the man stood on the canopy, which is about 10 meters above the ground, and complained about a property management company’s work arrangement for him during the Lunar New Year holiday, Headline Daily reported.

Police and firefighters persuaded the man to give up the suicide attempt. He was rescued after 10 minutes.

It was understood that the man was a security guard for Broadview Villa, a luxury residential building on Broadwood Road in Happy Valley on Hong Kong Island.

He complained that his supervisor had arranged for him to stand guard at the freight elevator during the first day of the Lunar New Year festival, where he could hardly meet any residents of the building.

As a result, he received fewer red envelopes than last year, netting only around HK$1,000 (US$125). That was a big drop from the HK$13,000 he received last year.

The Hopewell Property Management Company replied to media that staff could not ask for New Year red packets from residents, Apple Daily reported.

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