The High Court in Hong Kong. Photo: Wikimedia Commons
The High Court in Hong Kong. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

A 28-year-old Pakistani security guard was jailed for life by the High Court on Wednesday for killing his Filipina girlfriend with an electric drill.

The jury delivered a 6-1 majority verdict against Safdar Husnain, who was charged with the murder of Andrea Bayr, 25, an Austrian Filipina who was a mother of four, Oriental Daily reported.

Judge Kevin Zervos said the murder was a horrible tragedy that was caused by drug addiction.

The court had heard that on March 29 in 2016, Husnain killed Bayr with an electric drill at a construction site on Tin Hau Road in Tuen Mun in the New Territories. A medical report showed that the victim’s face had a hole caused by a drill and injuries on many parts of her body.

Husnain admitted that they took crystal meth together at the scene before the killing.

Husnain denied that it was a murder but said he was influenced by the drug and had hallucinations when he killed the woman. Psychiatric experts supported his claims saying that drug would have diminished his mental functioning.

However, Judge Zervos said the jury sided with the prosecutor, who argued that the psychiatric findings were based on Husnain’s tale of seeing hallucinations.

Wilma Bayr, mother of the dead woman, told reporters she was happy to see the verdict, as it showed justice had been done, Apple Daily reported.

Wilma said her Austrian husband died 20 years ago and her daughter Andrea had been born in Hong Kong. She sent Andrea back to the Philippines for primary school but her daughter returned to Hong Kong to go to secondary school.

The mother said she knew her daughter was addicted to drugs and unemployed as she had talked about looking for a job.

Andrea’s four children were fathered by two ex-boyfriends she had and they now stay with the Social Welfare Department. Wilma said she was applying to be the custodian of her four grandchildren.

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