Bahrain is seen as a safer place where Filipinos can work in the Middle East. Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Wadiia

The Philippine government is eyeing Oman and Bahrain as alternative places where Filipinos can work overseas after it imposed a total ban on workers being deployed to Kuwait.

Harry Roque, the spokesman for President Rodrigo Duterte, said the two countries would be more humane and appropriate for Filipino workers as they provide greater protection for migrant workers, ABS-CBN News reported.

“We are particularly keen on countries such as Oman and Bahrain, which are signatories to the relevant International Labor Organisation conventions that protect migrant workers,” Roque said.

He said all workers brought back from Kuwait would receive financial aid from the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration and they may be deployed to other countries, the Manila Bulletin reported.

Last month, President Duterte considered China as an alternative place for Filipino workers. He plans to ask the Chinese government to allow Filipinos to work in the country.

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