Dammam, capital of the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Dammam, capital of the Eastern Province in Saudi Arabia. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

A Filipino domestic worker thought to be in a coma in a hospital in Kuwait was found safe in Saudi Arabia on Thursday morning – and due to fly back to the Philippines later the same day.

On February 12, a video of a woman lying on a hospital bed in a coma was posted on Facebook by a Filipino nurse, who lost contact with the patient’s employer. The woman was believed to be a domestic worker in Saudi Arabia named Noris Manambit, ABS-CBN News reported.

Manambit’s family, after discovering the video, sought help from the Philippine government to look for her. Manambit’s niece said she could not understand how her aunt, who worked in Saudi Arabia, ended up in Kuwait.

The Philippine Embassy and the Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) in Kuwait checked all the hospitals to search for Manambit but could not find her.

Meanwhile, they identified the woman in a coma at Amiri Hospital in Kuwait as Lelebeth S Mendoza, a 47-year-old Filipina who was hospitalized due to hypertension and an aneurysm. Her employers have shown up after the video was made public, and they were cooperative, according to officials at the Philippine Embassy in Kuwait.

POLO’s office in Kuwait said local immigration officials said no record had been found of Manambit entering Kuwait. That caused them to verify her whereabouts with authorities in Saudi Arabia.

POLO-Kuwait was able to confirm Manambit’s whereabouts from Dr Amelito Santiago Adel, a member of the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration in Dammam.

Adel said Manambit was in a deportation center in Dammam and due to fly back to the Philippines on Thursday evening.

Manambit’s employment agency took a video of her and had her husband verify her identity.

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