Taipa, Macau.
Photo: Google Maps
Taipa, Macau. Photo: Google Maps

A 30-year-old Indonesian domestic worker was arrested in Macau on Wednesday for allegedly stealing from her employer and a fellow domestic worker in while they were out of town.

Police received a report from a local resident and her Filipina domestic worker that both had had valuables stolen from their respective homes in Taipa, in Macau, Macao Daily News reports.

The employer had employed two domestic workers, a Filipina and an Indonesian. The employer and the Filipina were not in Macau from January 31 to February 4. The Filipina worker left the key to her home in the employer’s flat during their absence.

Police investigating the thefts found that in neither instance had windows been prised open. After questioning, the employer’s Indonesian domestic worker, surnamed Hasanah, admitted she had stolen from her employer and from her Filipina co-worker.

The suspect stole 42,000 patacas (US$5,223) in cash from her employer. She also took her co-worker’s front-door key, went to her flat and stole two gold necklaces worth 8,200 patacas.

It is understood the suspect then sent all the money she obtained from the two thefts home to Indonesia.

The suspect was sent to the office of the public prosecutor on Thursday for further investigation.