The 44-year-old Indonesian mastermind was arrested near Persiaran Masjid Sultan. Photo: Google Maps

Malaysian police say that thanks to intelligence shared by Indonesian authorities, they successfully busted a transnational drug gang, arresting four men and seizing 29 kilograms of crystal meth in Klang district, Selangor state, on Saturday night.

Between 10:45pm and 11:30pm, Malaysian police conducted three raids in the area of Pulau Indah, China Press reported.

During the first raid, the police arrested the Malay driver of a taxi from which two plastic jerrycans containing a total of 29kg of crystal meth were recovered.

The driver’s three alleged accomplices were arrested later. They included a 44-year-old Indonesian man who was believed to be the mastermind of the drug ring, who was arrested near a mosque, while the remaining two – one Malay and another Indonesian – were nabbed at a gas station.

The value of the confiscated drugs was estimated at 2.05 million ringgit (US$524,000). A car and 200 million rupiah (US$14,770) in cash were also seized during the operation.

According to Malaysia’s Narcotics Criminal Investigation Division, the case was uncovered with the help of Indonesian narcotics police.

As the black-market price of crystal meth in Indonesia is triple that in Malaysia, drug syndicates in Indonesia have been hiring runners to transport the narcotics by sea from Malaysia, reports say.