Eliza Lee Man-ching (Inset); a red robe in the Qing Dynasty. Photos: HK Government, Wikipedia

A photo of a government official who showed up at a press conference displaying a special dressing style went viral on social media in Hong Kong on Wednesday.

During a government press conference on Tuesday, when Eliza Lee Man-ching, permanent secretary for communications and creative industries at the Hong Kong Commerce and Economic Development Bureau, approached the speaker’s podium from backstage, a cry of “wow” was heard from many people in the audience, Apple Daily reported.

Lee was wearing a red coat with embroidered flower motifs, which netizens compared to a robe that might have been worn by a Qing Dynasty (1644-1912) empress.

The photo of Lee went viral and some netizens quickly used it to make memes, while some mocked that Hong Kong had officially gone back to the early Qing Dynasty as she was dressed like government officials did three centuries ago.

Some netizens joked that Lee had proved she was capable of performing “creatively” as she in charge of creative industries, news website HK01.com reported.

Kengo Ip, an opinion leader on the Internet, posted on Facebook that he could not concentrate on the content of press conference at all but kept wondering where Lee got the special outfit.

The press conference Lee attended was held by the Commerce and Economic Development Bureau on Tuesday about the launch of a three-month public consultation on the Broadcasting Ordinance and the Telecommunications Ordinance.

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