Chinese high-speed rail. Photo: iStock
Chinese high-speed rail. Photo: iStock

China is developing a 400 km/h Free Gauge Train, as well as the next-generation Maglev train which runs at 600 km/h, said Ding Rongjun, one of the nation’s high-speed rail technology leaders, Xinhua news agency reported.

The country launched its first self-developed bullet train “Fuxing Hao” last year, and Ding says that every passenger can feel the changes — not only are they more spacious and faster, but also the signals on the train have been improved.

According to Ding, they are now studying how to add media such as videos to the travelling experience.

Ding says that in the future, the window could become an electronic screen, so the whole train could look like a home theater, easing the fatigue of the journey.

Ding also said they will move toward autonomous areas and work on driverless technologies in the future.

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