Centers for Disease Control, Taipei City, Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps

Another Filipina migrant worker has been diagnosed with the dengue virus after travelling abroad during her holidays, Taiwan’s Centers for Disease Control reported. She is the fifth person infected this year.

The woman, who is in her 30s, was diagnosed in Kaohsiung City but picked up the virus abroad, the Taiwan Times reported.

The Centers for Disease Control said she was in the Philippines on holiday from December 27, and returned to Taiwan on January 21 with no apparent dengue fever symptoms.

After returning to her factory the woman underwent a screening test arranged for migrant workers at the factory by the Department of Health. Her blood tested positive for dengue in a preliminary analysis on January 23, and precautionary measures were put in place at the workers’ hostel. Six friends of the Filipina were monitored but none had showed any signs of the disease.

There have now been 134 dengue cases in Taiwan since the start of the year, including 90 in Kaohsiung City. Five of the Kaohsiung victims brought the virus into Taiwan.

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