Johor Bahru Magistrates' Court in Johor, Malaysia. Photo: Google Maps

Twenty Filipinos were jailed in Malaysia on Wednesday after pleading guilty to using forged identity cards or ID for other people.

The Filipinos – 12 men and eight women – were jailed for terms from two months to 10 months for breaking regulation 25 (1e) of the National Registration Regulation 1990.

Fifteen of the Filipinos, aged from 20 to 42 years, had forged identity documents, while the remaining five were using others’ identity cards.

They were arrested early on Monday (Feb 12) in Taman Rinting during an operation conducted by the National Registration Department and the Immigration Department, China Press reported.

The first six defendants pleaded guilty at the Johor Bahru Sessions Court. Four were sentenced to two months in jail, while the remaining two were fined 2,000 ringgits (they could face three months in jail if they fail to pay the fine).

The other 14 defendants were jailed for 10 months by the Johor Bahru Magistrates’ Court.

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