The Executive Yuan, Taiwan. Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Kamakura
The Executive Yuan, Taiwan. Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Kamakura

With effect from February 8, skilled workers, particularly in trending fields in technology, will benefit from Taiwan’s latest talent-recruitment policy.

Deputy Minister Kao Shien-quey of the National Development Council spoke on Thursday in the Executive Yuan, explaining the Act for the Recruitment and Employment of Foreign Professional Talent and its implementation roadmap, Taiwan Apple Daily reported.

The updated legislation will ease the island’s regulations involving visas, work permits, taxes, pensions and family visits so as to facilitate the recruitment and employment of foreign talent.

Once the law is enacted, foreign teachers, not limited to language teachers, with expertise or professional skills will be permitted to teach in tutorial centers giving classes such as digital-game design and development, computer graphics and animation, as well as reality technologies, Kao explained.

Those with a minimum monthly salary of NT$160,000 (US$5,300) in another country or in Taiwan and possessing expertise or professional skills will be eligible for status as foreign professionals.

The category “special professionals” refers to people with special expertise, skills or abilities of a kind needed by Taiwan in the fields of science and technology, economy, education, culture, arts, sport, and others.

Eligible persons will enjoy benefits such as an “Employment Gold Card,” which allows more flexibility in switching jobs, waiving of the minimum duration of stay of 183 days per year for obtaining permanent residency, and more benefits on retirement, insurance, and tax.

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