Jordan Station, Kowloon. Photo: Wikipedia, Qwer132477
Jordan Station, Kowloon. Photo: Wikipedia, Qwer132477

Police patrolled various train stations in Hong Kong on Monday morning after a woman reported that a man might be carrying a bomb, but in the end, no one was arrested.

At 7:25am, staff at the Mass Transit Railway’s Jordan Station in Kowloon received a report from a woman that she had overheard a man on the train speaking on the phone claiming he was carrying a bomb under his clothes, Headline Daily reported.

The woman was taking an MTR train in Tin Hau Station on Island Line heading to Admiralty. When she changed train at Admiralty Station and took a train heading to Tsuen Wan, she started worrying that the man might be a terrorist.

She got off the train and reported the case to staff at Jordan Station.

Police received the report and sent officers from the Counter Terrorism Response Unit to Admiralty and Jordan Stations to search for the suspect and suspicious objects. More constables were sent to various MTR stations in the operation but no one was arrested.

Police ended the operation after an hour and classified the case as a “miscellaneous offense,” Wen Wei Po reported.

The MTR said train services were not affected.

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