Kuwait City. Photo: iStock
Kuwait City. Photo: iStock

Recruitment agencies have urged the Philippine government to loosen the suspension of deployment of Filipino workers to Kuwait by exempting skilled workers from the ban.

On Monday, Philippine Licensed Agencies Accredited to Kuwait (PHILAAK), a recruitment-agency group, said in a statement that only household service workers should be covered by the suspension, Rappler reported.

“Many skilled workers who have been selected by companies in Kuwait will be most severely affected by the present suspension,” it said.

Skilled workers such as information-technology professionals, store managers, maintenance personnel, electricians, plumbers and carpenters who have received plane tickets from their employers must be deployed, the group said.

The agency group’s suggestion came after the Philippine government’s recent decision to suspend the deployment of workers to Kuwait after abuses of domestic workers had been recorded.

The Kuwaiti government is requesting that the deployment ban be lifted, saying the suspension does not serve the common interests of either country, GMA News reported.

There are about 276,000 Filipino workers in Kuwait, 170,000 of whom are domestic workers.

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