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Many Hong Kong employers admire those who are able to find a suitable maid to work for the family for long years. In a column published in Ming Pao Daily on Tuesday, So Mei-chi, an independent journalist and the author of Strangers at Home, a Chinese-language book focusing on difficulties faced by live-in domestic workers in Hong Kong, talked about her own maid’s new role in the new year.

Mimi helped out So when she was pregnant with her first child 12 years ago and later helped take care the family of four. Now that the children are grown up, Mimi agreed to shift her role to take care of So’s parents starting this year.

The family bade Mimi a fond farewell on her last working day by giving her a big photo album. The album included all the photos they took documenting the memories they experienced together over the past 12 years.

On the last few pages, each family member wrote how he or she appreciated Mimi’s dedication to her work for all these years and how they would miss her.

Though Mimi has changed her role from taking care of So’s children to taking care of her parents, So said she appreciated Mimi from the bottom of heart, as she had left her own family behind and came to Hong Kong to take care of a stranger’s family.

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