Tang Shiu Kin Hospital in Wan Chai, Hong Kong. Photo: Google Maps
Tang Shiu Kin Hospital in Wan Chai, Hong Kong. Photo: Google Maps

A Filipino domestic worker has failed in a bid to get compensation from her employer for an injury suffered in late 2016 because she did not see a doctor immediately after her accident, which she claimed occurred as she was picking up her employer’s children from school.

Rosalina Andres, who worked for So Chi-yan between July 2016 and last September, had sought compensation for an injury she sustained from slipping on a walkway in Hong Kong’s Wan Chai area in November 2016, sunwebhk.com reported.

However, she did not seek medical consultation or compensation from her employer right away.

On August 14 last year, Andres was admitted to Tang Shiu Kin Hospital in Wan Chai because she had difficulty breathing. On the same day, she filed a complaint to the Labor Department, claiming that her illness was related to the accident nine months earlier.

She was discharged from hospital on September 6 but was fired on September 12.

On November 1, the Employees Compensation Board, a unit of the Labor Department, decided that Andres’ hospitalization was unrelated to her accident, but was due to a personal health condition.

On January 4, Andres withdrew her claim against her employer at the Labor Tribunal after being told she had little chance of success.