A residential building in Hong Kong. Photo: iStock
A residential building in Hong Kong. Photo: iStock

A Filipino domestic worker in Hong Kong was forced to wait outside her employers’ apartment for four hours on her rest day because she was not trusted with a key.

On Christmas Day, Mary, who has been working for these employers for six months, was forced to wait outside of their apartment in Tiu Keng Leng, Sai Kung, after spending her rest day with friends, sunwebhk.com reported.

A neighbor saw Mary and let her wait in that apartment because it was cold outside. Mary’s employers finally returned home four hours later. However, she was put to work when they arrived.

The employers have not given Mary a key to the apartment because they do not trust her and have imposed a strict 7pm curfew on her rest days. She said they usually came home late but she still chose to stick to her curfew.

Mary said she did not want to terminate her contract over the matter of not having a key. She said she would put up with these employers until her contract expires, and in the meantime would try to get them to give her a key.

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