Ngau Tau Kok in Kowloon, Hong Kong.
Photo: Google Maps
Ngau Tau Kok in Kowloon, Hong Kong. Photo: Google Maps

A 32-year-old Indonesian domestic worker was charged with concealing the birth of her baby on Sunday after the body of a fetus was found at a Hong Kong trash collection center. The woman, whose surname is Jeminahon, was arrested at a flat in a public housing estate in Kowloon’s Ngau Tau Kok, Sing Pao reported.

At the midnight on Friday, the domestic worker was feeling unwell and went to the United Christian Hospital. Medical staff found she had an abortion and reported the case to the police.

They later found a fetus, which was around 31 weeks old, concealed in the trash at Choi Sing House.

A police investigation found that the woman had allegedly taken drugs to abort the baby, Oriental Daily reported.

The case was first mentioned at the Kwun Tong Magistrates’ Court on Monday.

According to “Offenses Against the Person Ordinance”, any one who disposes of the dead body of a child with intent to conceal its birth is guilty of an offense.

If found guilty that person would face a two-year prison sentence.

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