The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration building in Mandaluyong. Photo: Google Maps

The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration released on Wednesday an overview of the most in-demand jobs overseas. According to the organization’s survey, health-care professionals and skilled workers are among those in highest demand, GMA News  reported.

Professional nurses are greatly needed in Ireland and the United Kingdom, while Israel is in need of caregivers and caretakers.

In the US and Japan, engineers are the most in-demand. Taiwan is in need of workers in production or manufacturing-related work, while Middle Eastern countries are in need of domestic workers, nurses, skilled construction workers and engineers.

The survey also showed that the most overseas Filipino workers were in Saudi Arabia, numbering 366,139. The top 10 recipients of Filipino workers are Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Qatar, Kuwait, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Oman, Malaysia and Japan. also released a report on overseas jobs and salaries. According to the report, the highest-paying specializations are engineers and health-care professionals, which pay average monthly salaries between 54,000 and 99,000 Philippine pesos (US$1,060 to $1,950).

Highest-paying jobs for overseas Filipino workers Photo:

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