Tekka Centre on Bukit Timah Road, Singapore. Photo: Google Maps
Tekka Centre on Bukit Timah Road, Singapore. Photo: Google Maps

After a 15-minute fight broke out between two women on January 7, journalists over the past two Sundays have visited Singapore’s Tekka Market, where vendors have complained of large numbers of women flirting with migrant workers, not only upsetting their business but also practically turning it into a red-light district.

Tekka Centre – a multipurpose building complex consisting of a wet market, a food center and shops in the northern corner of Bukit Timah Road and Serangoon Road – is a popular spots for locals and tourists in the city’s Little India area. Its market zone was recently dubbed by vendors “Little Geylang,” a reference to the island republic’s main red-light district, Lianhe Wanbao (Singapore) reported.

The paper reported that “foreign women” in their 20s or 30s wearing short, tight or revealing dresses approach diners, mostly migrant workers, and asked if they would like any company. Some women would even sit on the men’s laps, which apparently shocked the reporters.

Pairs of men and women were enjoying themselves by flirting, kissing and caressing each other in public. Many would proceed to cheap hotels nearby shortly after, Lianhe Wanbao (Singapore) claimed.

However, scenes of this sort frightened away diners, according to vendors, who complained of a decline in business. They claimed the crowds of migrant workers and women catering to their desires started from 7am Sunday until 6pm, when the Liquor Control Act came into force.

A reporter approached a trio consisting of a man and two women. The man, in his 60s. denied that they were close friends, while the two women in their early 30s, described as being from north India, said they were domestic workers and visited the market to make new friends every Sunday.

Meanwhile, many others did not comment or reply to the paper’s inquiries.

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