Kuwait hosts many Filipino workers. Photo: iStock
Kuwait hosts many Filipino workers. Photo: iStock

A family in the Philippines is demanding answers after the body of a woman who had been working as a maid in Kuwait and had supposedly hanged herself was sent home with her vital organs missing.

Liezl Trus Hukdong allegedly committed suicide in Kuwait on December 19. Her body arrived in the Philippines on January 5, the Philippine Daily Inquirer reported.

The official story of Hukdong’s demise quickly appeared dubious. Her body was covered with bruises and had clearly been sliced open from her lower lip down to her navel. Further examination found that her brain, tongue, kidney, lungs and eyes had been removed.

The documents that came with the body also appeared suspicious because they contained misspellings and had no official seal, no doctor’s signature and no license number of the doctor. There were also no autopsy results.

On January 10, Gracel Ann Hukdong, Liezl’s niece, uploaded pictures of the body on Facebook and pleaded for help from government officials to seek justice for her aunt’s death.

The niece said an investigation was under way but did not specify who was conducting the probe.

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