Kaohsiung International Airport Mass Rapid Transit station. The dengue virus is carried by mosquitoes. Photos: Wikimedia Commons

A Filipino caregiver was found to be infected by the dengue virus on Wednesday after she returned to Taiwan from holidays in the Philippines.

The woman, who worked in Pingtung county in Kaohsiung, is the first dengue patient in Taiwan this year, the Liberty Times reported.

She arrived from the Philippines at Kaohsiung International Airport on Monday, having gone to her homeland for holidays on December 29. She was stopped by quarantine staff when she was found to have a fever, with her body temperature at 38.2 degrees Celsius, or 1.2 degrees above normal.

The woman was sent to hospital without entering the community. She is still receiving medical treatment in hospital.

Last year, there were eight cases of imported dengue infections in Pingtung county, while no local cases were recorded.

After 402 local dengue infections were recorded in Pingtung in 2015, the local government launched control measures and lowered the number to 21 in 2016.

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