Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Basil Soufi

An overseas Filipino worker who doubted that she could make friends in Abu Dhabi changed her view after working in the Middle Eastern country for a year.

The worker named Leah, who is from Davao City in the Philippines, said she was grateful for the friends she made in Abu Dhabi, The SunStar reported.

She originally thought she could only make friends with local people. But in the end her best friends in the country turned out to be Filipinos.

Leah said her compatriots took care of her in her first few months in the country. She said they would give her busfares, free food and toiletries when she needed help.

On January 18, Leah was surprised to see that her roommates threw a surprise party for her birthday. She returned home and saw the table full of food and the room filled with balloons and pictures of her stuck on the walls.

Leah said that despite being away from home, she now has a family through people she once considered strangers. She was amazed by the wonderful bond with her friends as it was something that seemed like a  fairytale.