An overseas Filipino worker posted on Facebook that his luggage was stolen at Clark International Airport. Photos: Jov En Ros, Facebook

Six airport personnel at Clark International Airport were suspended for allegedly stealing valuable items from an overseas Filipino worker’s (OFW) luggage.

On Wednesday, Jovenil de la Cruz, who had been working in Canada, posted a video on Facebook saying valuable items in his luggage were stolen. In the video, he showed broken zippers on his suitcases and a box that was almost completely empty.

De la Cruz said he arrived in the Philippines on December 23 and his luggage arrived the next day. However, he was only notified on Wednesday to retrieve his gear, the Business Mirror reported.

The stolen items were reported to be valued at 82,824 Philippine pesos (US$1,648). Miascor Aviation Services compensated de la Cruz for his missing items.

Alexander Cauguiran, acting president and chief executive officer of Clark International Airport Corp, said CCTV footage showed that the luggage was still in a good condition until ground handlers brought the luggage to their office, GMA News reported.

On Thursday, the Clark International Airport suspended six employees of Miascor Aviation Services because of the incident.

An investigation has been launched into the incident, which drew widespread publicity – after de la Cruz’s video was viewed by millions of people.

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