Photo: Reuter/Bobby Yip
Photo: Reuter/Bobby Yip

Yin Yimin, the chairman of ZTE, one of China’s leading multinational telecommunications companies, said the firm will continue to expand its investment in 5G, with the aim of maintaining their advantage in 5G wireless, core networks and chips, reported.

So far, the company has formed a team more than 4,500 people and invested three billion yuan (US$460 million) every year to promote the R&D of 5G.

ZTE has been preparing the global expansion of its 5G technology. It has also been working with foreign telecom operators, including Japan’s SoftBank, Spain’s Telefónica, S.A., Italy’s Wind Tre, France’s Orange S.A., Belgium’s Telenet and South Korea’s KT, to carry out a full range of technical and industrial cooperation.

Among them, it will build up the first pre-commercial 5G network in Europe with Italian operators Wind Tre and Open Fiber.

By the end of 2017, ZTE will have deployed over 110 Pre5G networks in more than 60 countries around the world.

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