Thomson Road  in Singapore. Photo: Google Maps
Thomson Road in Singapore. Photo: Google Maps

A foreign domestic worker seen doing ‘dangerous’ cleaning work on a ledge around a high-rise residential block in Singapore has reassured that there was no safety concern – as wire gauze was in place to protect her.

At 6:15pm on December 7, a woman who lives in a flat opposite caught sight of the maid – walking on a ledge outside a 13th-floor HDB (state-owned) apartment in Block 370 on Thomson Road, Shin Min Daily News reported.

The maid was reportedly devoted to her cleaning chore as she was going back and forth along the windows at least for 10 minutes. This spurred the neighbor to take a video of her. Meanwhile, an employee at the block called the maid’s employment agency for assistance.

When a reporter visited the flat, a 30-year-old Indonesian maid named Rani was working there. The worker explained that the flat was freshly refurbished, so the windows were completely covered in thick dust. That had prompted her to go out on the ledge to thoroughly clean them.

It was the first time that the maid had done this risky stunt for the sake of ensuring the windows were crystal-clear.

But wire gauze had been erected along the ledge, so it was not as dangerous as it seemed or sounded, the Indonesian said reassuringly.

She was shocked to learn that she had been filmed, and embarrassed. She apologized if her behavior had startled the public.