Household chores don't seem so simple when you have to do them yourself. Photo: iStock

Many Hong Kong employers may have started taking care of their own housework as their domestic workers returned to their home countries for the Christmas holidays.

In a recent commentary published on Headline Daily, Hong Kong writer Benny Lee said he had started doing his own housework since his Filipino maid left on her annual leave, and will be away until the end of this year.

Lee admitted that he had underestimated the complexity of the housework, which seemed to be easy for his maid. He said he almost spent a whole day finishing household chores as there were a lot of little things to do.

He said domestic workers’ contributions to Hong Kong were huge but they were often neglected as some people have a “take it for granted” attitude about what their maids do.

He said many people may have forgotten that Hong Kong is a blessed place where water, power and transport services can be easily obtained. People who suffer from a suspension of water supply for one day should feel happy, as such short-term inconvenience reminds them that they are unusually blessed.

This is why employers should get rid of their “take it for granted” attitude toward their helpers’ services.

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