The world's largest Starbucks has just opened in Shanghai. Photo:
The world's largest Starbucks has just opened in Shanghai. Photo:

If you are one of those frustrated coffee fans who can never find a seat at Starbucks, try Starbucks Reserve Roastery in Shanghai.

Yes, the Reserve Roastery is the world’s biggest coffee shop with a jaw-dropping 30,000 square feet – equal to about half of the size of Old Trafford, which houses 75,000 Manchester United fans.

With this massive size, it is hard to imagine a person won’t find a spot for a latte grande, or whatever you fancy.

The shop officially opened its doors on Wednesday and has been billed as China’s first fully immersive coffee wonderland.

Starbuck’s giant store in Shanghai. Photo:

Situated next to the chic Taikoo Hui, the multi-million-dollar outlet in Shanghai actually looks like a giant coffee bean when viewed from the sky, according to CNN.

The global network also described it as a caffeine-fueled Disneyland, given it is more than twice the size of the biggest Starbucks coffee shop in its hometown Seattle.

Everything one can imagine is big. Starbucks’ Shanghai Roastery has three coffee experience bars, including the chain’s longest coffee bar – 88 feet long.

Unlike its other coffee stores in China, the Roastery is the only one to allow consumers to see the whole coffee-making process, from beans to cup.

Thanks to partner Alibaba Group, the Alipay Taobao users can point their phones to the beverage and food item for more information through new augmented reality technology.

The new coffee mecca underscores chairman Howard Schultz’s grand design in China, given it is the group’s second-largest and fastest growing market.


The coffee giant plans to increase its number of stores in China to 5,000 from the current 3,000, including 600 outlets in Shanghai.

In other words, Starbucks plans to add a new store every 15 hours.

The flagship Reserve Roastery and Tasting Room is one of five megastores, the group plans to add over two years after the first one in Seattle in 2014.

Roasteries are currently slated to open in Milan and New York in 2018 and in Tokyo and Chicago in 2019. Meanwhile, two dozen more roaster stores are planned around the world.

Coffee from the world’s biggest store, anyone?

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